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Benefits of Car Servicing in Streatham


Unlike getting an MOT, car servicing is not a legal requirement for Streatham or South London motorists. Nevertheless, there are many essential reasons why car servicing should be undertaken on a regular basis. Not only will this give road users peace of mind to recognise damage, such as worn tyres or misaligned wheels, it can save clients’ money and enhance the lifespan of their vehicle.


Top 4 Car Servicing Advantages

1. Improve Safety on the Road


Investing in regular car servicing will help to identify any issues at the earliest stage before they result in serious damage to your vehicle. At our Brixton garage, our fully-qualified technicians can carry out the following:


  • Interim car servicing (every 6 months or 6,000 miles)
  • Full car servicing (per 12 months or 12,000 miles accumulated)
  • General car servicing (including replacement tyres, oil and oil filter changes) as and when motorists need it


Car Servicing packages thoroughly inspect your engine, steering and suspension, brakes and electrical systems to ensure they are running as they should. Any rust, leaks, corrosion or loose-fitting vehicle components will be checked to confirm your car is in a legal, roadworthy condition. It is not always easy to tell if you need car servicing as deterioration, such as wear to your tyres over time, can lead to health and safety hazards for Streatham drivers and pedestrians too.


2. Helps Motorists to Pass MOT tests


Clients in Streatham with cars that are older than 3 years need to get their vehicles tested, which is a legal requirement. Ideally, MOT tests should be carried out annually like car servicing. While these two services determine the roadworthiness of your vehicle, they are not to be confused as the same thing.


  • Car servicing is a series of checks that adhere to the guidelines of the vehicle manufacturer
  • An MOT tests how roadworthy your vehicle is, in compliance with the safety regulations outlined by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)


If you regularly take your vehicle to a garage for car servicing, motorists are likely to pass an MOT test without failing or requiring necessary repair work afterwards.


3. Cost-Effective for Repairs and Replacements


In addition to recognising signs of damage and wear quickly, car servicing can save Streatham and South London road users money for future repairs and replacement parts by helping vehicles to operate efficiently.


Maintaining the following will prevent issues such as engines seizing up, punctures or blow outs from old tyres:


  • Topping up oil to lubricate engine components and changing oil filters for a smoother running engine
  • Replacing worn tyres caused by cornering, braking or misaligned wheels
  • Rectifying under-inflated tyres causing rolling resistance and increased fuel consumption


Car servicing will dramatically reduce the likelihood of your vehicle breaking down. If this does happen, the technicians at Zak’s Tyres are available for roadside assistance to carry out fixes in and around Streatham.


4. Extends Your Vehicle’s Lifespan


Car servicing will help Streatham drivers to keep their cars running for longer with well-maintained engine components and brand-new, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) compliant parts. This will also benefit clients who intend to sell their vehicle second-hand. Checking the quality and performance to see what needs to be replaced, including old tyres, and taking the necessary action will make a great impression on potential buyers. An up-to-date and regular car servicing history is a key selling point for maximum value.


If you need replacement tyres or car servicing in Streatham or the surrounding South London area, call 020 7274 1710 or 07858 226222.

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