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Issues with Misaligned Wheels and Tyres in Kennington


One of the most common issues that we can resolve for Kennington clients is misaligned wheels and tyres. At Zak’s Tyres, we can check the condition of your tyres and wheel alignment as part of car servicing, which can be fixed in a fast and efficient procedure to prevent further damage.


Wheel Alignment Explained


Wheel alignment or ‘tracking’ can be carried out as part of any car servicing package, ensuring the vehicle axles and wheels are all positioned in the right direction. Our technicians will refer to the manufacturer’s specifications to realign wheels and tyres back to their optimal steering and suspension settings.


The types of misaligned positions are as follows:


  • Toe in and toe out –These are when the front tyres are closer (toe in) or further apart (toe out) in comparison to the rear tyres. Depending on the make and model of your car, the wheels require different toe positions so that they pull in the same direction. Incorrect toe alignment causes vehicles to veer off course.
  • Positive camber and negative camber –This refers to whether the tyres are tilted inward (positive) or outward (negative). The position can be affected by uneven surfaces and potholes, which can be rectified to suit the car manufacturer’s design.


Main Causes of Misalignment


Kennington drivers can experience wheel alignment issues in the event of minor accidents, such as bumps and prangs in the car park or following slight collisions. Our experts at Zak’s Tyres recommend that Kennington motorists schedule car servicing to check the alignment of their wheels and tyres following these circumstances:


  • Hitting a low wall or high-rise kerb
  • Seeing uneven wear or feathering to your tyres
  • Noticing steering or handling problems, such as your vehicle pulling or drifting to one side or if your steering wheel stays at an angle when driving straight
  • Purchasing brand-new tyres to prevent further wear
  • Replacing any suspension or steering components


How Car Servicing Helps


When scheduling car servicing to take place every 6 to 12 months ahead of annual MOT testing, Kennington road users can limit the damage caused to their tyres and have confidence in passing their MOT test. Correct wheel alignment carried out by our fully-trained team will afford Kennington clients with an improvement in their car’s overall performance too. This is because misaligned wheels overcompensate for power, resulting in unnecessary resistance that increases your fuel consumption.


Car servicing will check the conditions of the following features to alleviate any defects:


  • Steering and suspension components
  • Tyres, including air, pressure and tread depth
  • Alignment and balance of the wheels and tyres


Tyre Balancing


Our Brixton based technicians will balance your tyres, which is a service typically combined with wheel alignment. Here we will inspect the dynamic balance of tyres using modern machinery to rapidly rotate the wheels to check the vertical and lateral movement. This allows us to locate the source of the vibration and calculate the imbalance from electronic equipment readings. Tyres and wheels can be balanced by adding or removing weight from the rotating parts until the vibration has stopped.


If you need wheel alignment of replacement tyres following car servicing in Kennington or the surrounding South London area, call 020 7274 1710 or 07858 226222.

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat 9am-6pm Sun 10am-4pm

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