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Common Issues with Tyres in Brixton and South London


To help Brixton motorists maintain the condition of their tyres, we provide tips on how to alleviate the issues caused by excessive use on the local South London roads. In addition to having your vehicle inspected during an interim or full car servicing, we advise road users to conduct a few simple spot checks of their own, prior to contacting our team.


Main Causes of Tyre Wear

If you’re suffering from worn down tyres, there are many causes which Brixton motorists may not be aware of. Our experts at Zak’s Tyres can offer private, trade and fleet clients advice on the main factors which can exacerbate tyre wear so that car owners can prevent it from continuing when brand-new tyres are fitted


We recommend Brixton clients should limit exposing their tyres to the following:


  • Uneven, rough surfaces or off-road terrain
  • Extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow
  • High speeds accompanied by sharp turns and braking
  • Heavy loads which weigh down the car during transit
  • Embarking on journeys with under or over-inflated tyres


Car owners many notice their front tyres wear down quicker than their rear tyres which is due to the position. This will be noted during a car servicing, together with inspections for incorrectly aligned wheels. Misalignment can also produce uneven wear; however, this can easily be remedied by us.


UK Tyre Regulations

When carrying out car servicing at our Brixton workshop, our technicians will examine tyres and wheels to certify that they comply with UK regulations. To deem your car legally roadworthy, we suggest that clients perform the following quick checks ahead of booking an appointment:


  • Maintain the recommended level of pressure as detailed in the original car manufacturer’s manual
  • Measure the tyre tread with a 20 pence piece. This will help Brixton drivers to determine if the tread is below the legal minimum of 1.6mm. If you can’t see the edge of the coin easily when inserted into the tread than your tyres are above the legal limit
  • Ensure tyres are matched in size, otherwise this can result in misalignment, which is a driving hazard and affects uneven wear
  • Check for any tears that exceed 25mm or approximately 10% of the entire tyre. Driving a vehicle with cuts of this magnitude can incur a fine and it infringes on general vehicle insurance stipulations


Tyres and Car Servicing

When arranging for a general, interim (approximately every 6 months) or full car servicing (on a 12-month basis), Brixton motorists can rely on all types of car servicing packages to check for the following:


  • Size of each of the tyres
  • How tyres are fitted to the side wall
  • Condition of main and spare tyres for tread depth
  • Pressure, which can be adjusted if poorly inflated
  • Wheel nut torque, which can be reset to the manufacturer's standards
  • Balance for all wheels, including the spare tyre


After we have carried out car servicing, we can replace any defective tyres with major-brand or discounted tyres to suit your budget, as well as realigning your wheels.


If you need new tyres fitted or to arrange a car servicing appointment in Brixton and the surrounding South London area, call 020 7274 1710 or 07858 226222.

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat 9am-6pm Sun 10am-4pm

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